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Town in the Rain
Chen JunDe
28 in x 23 in
Price: On Request
Chen JunDe
30 in x 37 in
Price: On Request
Artist Bio
Artist:  Chen JunDe
Biography:  1937, born in Zhenhai, Zhejiang. He was graduated from the Fine Arts Dept., Shanghai Theatre Academy, acts as the standing executive member of Chinese Oils Association. He is a member of Chinese Oils Art Committee, chairman of Shanghai Oils Association, professor of Shanghai Theatre Academy. He held individual exhibitions at Alasia Gallery (Hong Kong), Japanese - Chinese Friendship Interchange Association (Japan). His works were exhibited in U.S.A., Russia, German and Poland. His work were collected by Asia Pacific Museum, USA, Japanese Friendship Interchange Association, International Disabled Children Fund, Former Prime Minister ZhuXiaDeng Japan, Former Minister of Property DuBuHengSan, Japan, etc.
Statement:  Mr. Chen was in deep interest in the art of Vangao and Sesan in his early ages, his painting style was simple and fervent vigorous. Upon graduation from college in 1960, he was committed to the mingle of west and east arts, and he was called "The artist with strong unique spirit". He employs bold and unrestrained colors in his paintings. He uses lots of pure white, thus making the colors of high purity such as red, yellow, blue and green, etc. Look in strange harmony with comparison, with a strong sense of impressionism.