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Original Art
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Spring Swing
David Dieter
30 in x 30 in
Price: On Request
Sari Swing
David Dieter
80 cm x 80 cm
Price: On Request
Kicksway 2
David Dieter
30 in x 30 in
Price: On Request
Kicksway 1
David Dieter
30 in x 30 in
Price: On Request
Freestyle 2
David Dieter
30 in x 30 in
Price: On Request
Freestyle 1
David Dieter
30 in x 30 in
Price: On Request
Artist Bio
Artist:  David Dieter
Biography:  In 2006 - 07, San Francisco emerging artist, David W. Dieter, traveled the world to explore the concept of 'Return to Pangaea' - the human race unifying together faster due to technology, migration and the cross-pollination of cultures. His recent paintings utilize dance as a metaphor to illustrate 'Pangaea Swing'. He is influenced by the human form in classical and contemporary dance and its relationship to its environment. He draws inspiration from local and international dancers in their natural and unnatural settings. David's art is mixed media utilizing acrylics, paper, pastels, wood and collage in his paintings while exploring form, movement, emotion and the relationship of dancers to each other and the world around them. He combines traditional dance with new forms creating a hybrid style.

David has been painting since primary school and displayed his art at an early age at the Laguna Beach Festival of Arts as well as the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. He has displayed his art globally in Italy, Thailand, the USA and China. He attended UCLA, UC Irvine and Art Center College of Design and holds 2 degrees in Fine Art and Art History. He has instructed at the San Francisco Academy of Art and currently lives and works at his studio in Shanghai.

Solo Exhibition
2007 July: World Dance, LaBella Studio, Shanghai, China
2007 June: Individual Presentation, Pecha Kucha, Shanghai, China
2006 October: World Sketches, Riomaggiore, Italy
2006 February: Pangaea Swing (Series 1), Margin Art, Beijing, China
2006 January: Esarn Movement, Nadoon, Thailand
2005 November: Works on Display, Open Studios, San Francisco, USA
2005 September: Park Dance, Tryptych Gallery, San Francisco, USA
2003 May: Collections, Int. Convention Center, San Diego, USA
1997 May: Exhibit Award, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, USA

Group Exhibition
2003 January: Prints in Black, KALA, Berkeley USA
1996 September: TypePoem, Studio Archetype, Pasadena, USA
1985 January: Life Collage, Laguna Art Festival, Laguna Bch, USA
1982 September: Unity in America, Capitol Building, Washington D.C. USA

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Fine Art, University of California Irvine: Emphasis in Painting
B.A. Art History, University of California Los Angeles
B.A. Fine Art, Art Center College of Design: Emphasis in Graphic Design