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Original Art
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Chinese-style Airing No.1
Fang XiaoLong
58 × 89 cm
Price: On Request
Chinese-style Airing No.2
Fang XiaoLong
53 × 89 cm
Price: On Request
Moving No.1
Fang XiaoLong
52 ×84 cm
Price: On Request
Moving No.2
Fang XiaoLong
52 ×84 cm
Price: On Request
Fang XiaoLong
104 × 168 cm
Price: On Request
Fang XiaoLong
60 × 90 cm
Price: On Request
Artist Bio
Artist:  Fang XiaoLong
Graduated from Printmaking, Painting Department,Fine Arts College, Shanghai Normal University
Exhibition Experience
2012 Exhibited in 2012 the SURGE Art Festival of· Shanghai South Bank Art Center, Shanghai
  Exhibited in 2012 China Beijing 798 Art Zone “space-time affordable Art Festival”, Beijing
  Exhibited in 2012 Poly World Trade Center, Guangzhou
  Exhibited in 2012 Shanghai Pudong art Guidance Center, Shanghai
  Exhibited in 2012 Shanghai invisible gallery, Shanghai
  Exhibited in 2011 Shanghai Mingyuan Art Center, Shanghai
Oil Painting:
2012 Exhibited in 2011 Israeli Art Sea Gallery, Shanghai
《Enwinding》, Selected by the Fifth Beijing International Art Biennale, 2012, Beijing
《Helpless Riverbed》, Selected by the Tenth Shanghai Printmaking Exhibition,2012, Shanghai
《Helpless Riverbed》, Selected by the First College Students Art Fair , 2012 ,Guangzhou

《Helpless Riverbed》, 2012 Marley Printmaking Prize,2012, Shanghai

《Enwinding》, Selected by 2012 Shanghai Printmaking Exhibition, 2012, Shanghai

《Enwinding》, Selected by 2011 Shanghai Youth Art Exhibition, 2011, Shanghai

《Enwinding》, Collected by "Liu Hai Su" Art Museum, 2011, Shanghai

《Enwinding》, Selected by 2011 The Third Shanghai Contemporary Institute Printmaking Exhibition, 2011, Shanghai

《Yesterdays》、《Awaken》、《Enwinding》, Bronze, 2011 Chinese College Students' Art Exhibition,

《Enwinding》, Honorable Mention, 2011 The Phoenix Cup the 4th National Art and Art Design Competition

《Awaken》, Bronze, the Third China University Fine Arts Semester Show

《Enwinding》《Awaken》, Bronze, Collected by the Sixth "Chinese College Students Art Works Yearbook"