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Ge YingHui
233 x 182 cm
Price: On Request
Artist Bio
Artist:  Ge YingHui
Biography:  Ge YingHui was born in 1958 in Taichung, Taiwan. She has her Masters in Fine Arts from Tungahai University.

Since 2000, her work has been shown in the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Taipei CKS Memorial Hall in Taipei, the Hsinchu Cultural Affairs Bureau of Taichung Cultural Affairs Bureau of Yunlin, the Chiayi Cultural Affairs Bureau of Taitung County, the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Culture Exhibition. Her work has also been shown abroad many times

Statement:  If our life cycle was that of cloud water, we would be a drop of water turned into smoke, then again into a cloud. Remember dewy love? Embracing the scenario of the sun shining every day? And when the clouds turned into rain again, they dropped into the lake. The rain overlooks the world to remember the tragedy in the sky, sharing the memory?

Expression is to interpret art forms, and to interpret the psychological world of individuals, but also to export of self-emotion, all the lonely sad, confused thoughts, I hope are so creative released.