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Original Art
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Spring on the Horizon
Hsu Jessica Pi-Hua
36 in x 29 in
Price: On Request
Tempered by Water
Hsu Jessica Pi-Hua
29 in x 24 in
Price: On Request
Flower Blooming Spring
Hsu Jessica Pi-Hua
21 in x 18 in
Price: On Request
Pond Activity
Hsu Jessica Pi-Hua
32 in x 32 in
Price: On Request
Monet's Garden No. 1
Hsu Jessica Pi-Hua
16 in x 13 in
Price: On Request
Monet's Garden No. 2
Hsu Jessica Pi-Hua
16 in x 13 in
Price: On Request
Artist Bio
Artist:  Hsu Jessica Pi-Hua

1957 Born in Yun Lin County, Taiwan
1979 Degree from National Cheng-Chi University, Taiwan
1987 Studied at the Graduate School of Arts, University of California,
  Berkley, USA
1999 Studied at the School of Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, USA
Selected Solo and Group Exhibition:
2000 Solo Exhibit at Capital Art Center, Taipei
1999 Solo Exhibit at TAF '99-Caves Arts Center
1998 Joint Exhibit TAF '98-Caves Art Center
1997 Solo Exhibit at Pacific Cultural Foundation Arts Center, Taipei; Solo
  Exhibit at TAF '97
1996 Solo Exhibit at G.ZEN 50 Art Gallery, Kaohsiung
1995 Joint Exhibit of the Wonder of Abstract Arts at East Gallery, Taipei
1994 Solo Exhibit at East Gallery, Taipei
1993 Solo Exhibit at Taichung City Cultural Center; Won the Medal from
  the Association of Arts and Literature
1992 Joint Exhibit of DU SALON D'AUTOMNE in Grand Palais, Paris
1991 Solo Exhibit at Dimensions Art Center, Taipei
1989 Solo Exhibit at Lung Men Arts Gallery, Taipei
1988 Joint Exhibit at Taipei Fine Arts Museum; Joint Exhibit at Modem
  Arts Museum, Tokyo

Statement:  In Hsu's works, the first attraction is the color, the texture and the movement; one traces the lines and swirls as the colors compete and compliment each other and come together in composition. In responding to both from and feeling is the viewer most richly rewarded. The overall mood of these works is peace, peace and stability amidst change, another quality of nature. Hsu approaches her subjects from more than one point of view; the same object can be seen as a microcosm of the universe and a macrocosm universe in itself. She credits Buddhism with taking her deeper into her subjects. She says that "one has to be outgoing, one cannot be lazy, one must move. The heavens and earth move as do the seasons; so should man." Her works are abstract, but they still seek to capture the essence of nature.