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Before the storm
Rodica Iliesco
50cm x 65cm
Price: On Request
Rodica Iliesco
50cm x 65cm
Price: On Request
Lady on hyppodrom
Rodica Iliesco
50cm x 65cm
Price: On Request
The Caroussel
Rodica Iliesco
100cm x 82cm
Price: On Request
The Gilolo
Rodica Iliesco
50cm x 65cm
Price: On Request
The Red Bike
Rodica Iliesco
50cm x 65cm
Price: On Request
Artist Bio
Artist:  Rodica Iliesco
Born in Romania. Lives and works in Paris since 1970.
Main group exhibitions:
1978: Twinning Mountmartre - Skadarlija.
1982: "Arts Creations" , French Audio-visual institute, Paris.
"Young painters of lle-de-France", Paul Ricard Foundation,Paris.
1983: "Young painters of lle-de-France", Pavillon Baithard, Nogent-sur Marne.
1984: "Expotrolles", "Festival of the antique dealers and the provinces", Saint-cloud.
1985:Church of La Varenne - Saint - Hilaire.
1986-1994: Grand Palais, Paris;
Salon des independants (member);
Salon des Artistes Francais (member);
Salon d'Automne;
1986-1989:"Arts inter";
Salon of the Lords of Art: Marseilles, Aix-en-Provence,Arles, Avignon, Pernes - les- Fontaines.
1987-1989: Salons des Artister de France: Saint- Etienne, Saint Galmier, Saint-Victor, Grau- le - Roy, Vichy- le- Roy, Vichy, Chateau Lanaudiere (Canada).
1987-1989: Salon of the international Circle of contemporary art (C.I.A.C) in Nice, Evian, Belfort, Montreux.
1983-1989: Participation in the artistic events of the "Painters of the Field Montmartre".
1983-1990:Participation in the exhibitions and cultural activities of the "Collective of the Montmartrois Artists" in France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Norway, Tunisia.
1987: Salon of the Plastic arts of Maine.
Fine Arts Salon, Mantes- la -Jolie.
Festival "I sette coli", Rome.
Festival of Art Painting, Deauville.
1988:Great Prize of the Academy of Lutece, Paris.
Panorama of Contemporary French Art, London.
Robert Vrinat Prize, Metz.
Vittel Prize.
Invited to expose her works during the Olympic Games of Seoul by the Pai - Chai University.
1988-1989: Festival of the Graphic arts, Osaka;
French- Japanese Festival, Palais des Congres, Paris.
Jean Cocteau Festival.
"The Spiral of the Abbesses" , group mufal frescos.
1993:becomes member of "paris- Monrmartre", and takes part, since, in the exhibitions and other cultural events of the association in France and abroad.
-C.C.I. Made elne bank ,Paris.
-Town hall of Saint-Prix.
-Espace Cardin, Paris.
-Mondial Arts, Acignon.
1995-1999:Autumn Salon Shows, Paris- Montmartre.
1996:"Mountmartre in Ypres"(Belgium)
2000:"Dali Spring", Town hall of the XVlllth district, Paris.
Gallery of the National Museum of Yerevan.
Second International Salon of Sao-Paulo.
2001:Gallery "Art et Actualite", Paris
Art gallery of the town hall of XVI th district, Paris.
Shan Gallery, Paragold Art Center, Shanghai.
2002:Shan Gallery ,Hong Kong.
"Victor Hugo" Prize, "Art et Actualite",Paris.
Cultural Center of Russia, Paris.
House of the Sculptors, Moscow.
2003: "Art et Actualite", Paris
Palace of the United Nations, Geneva.
"Space of Culture and Tourism of Montmartre".
Stella Gallery, Saint Petersbourg.
Galleria Mentana, Firenze.
2004:Shanghai Art Fair.
2005:Espace Cardin, Paris.
"Art et Actualite", Paris
Franco-Japanese Cultural Center, Paris.
Main solo Exhibitions:
1974: Art centre P.K.B.Belgrade.
1979:Hotel Becici, Montenegro.
1980:Hotel Sveti Stefan, Montenegro.
1986:International Rumanische Kunstgalerie,Vienna.
Everarts Gallery, Paris.
1987:"Friends of Arts" Gallery, Aix - en - provence.
1988: Pufroschi Gallery , Vienna
1993: "The Mazurka", Paris.
Montserrat Gallery, New York
1994:Realization on order and from life of the portraits of H.H..M.M. King Michel and the Queen Anne of Romainia.
1997:Bill Hodges Gallery, New York.
Latinska Galleriet, Malmo.
Karibakka Gallery, Stokholm.
1998:Romanian Art center,Paris.
2000:Espace Richelieu, Golden Square, Paris.
2004: Museum of the Archbishop's palace of Ramnicu Valcea, Romania. MAIN AWRDS:
1978:First piece of drawing and painting of Montmartre-skadarlija twinning.
1986:Prize winner of the Salon des Artistes Francais, Grand Palais, Paris.
1986-1987: Salon of the lords of art;
First price, Marseilles,
Third great price,Acignon
First price, Arles,
First great price, honor medal of the town of Aix-en-provence.
1987: silver medal of the "Artists of France".
Silver medal of the great price of painting of Haute-savoie .
Second great price of the festival of painting , Deauville.
Golden medal of the great international price of the fine arts , Nice.
First great price, golden medal of the international festival of contemporary art , Montreux.
1988: bronze medal of the great price of the academy of lutece, Paris.
1989: prize winner of the festival of the graphic arts, Osaka.
prize winner of the festival jean Cocteau.
Great price of Canada granted by the international Cultural Academy of the visual arts.
Prestige medal of the "Best artist of France 1989" decreed by the European committee of the fine arts.
Honor citizen of the Montmartre republic.
2000: honor diploma of the cultural company "anton pann", Ramnicu Valcea, Romania.
2004:honor citizen of the town of Ramnicu-Valcea, Romania.
"L'Annuaire de la cote des arts "
"Romanian artists in west" published by the Roumano American Academy of arts and sciences.
"main painters of Moutmartre in XIXth and XXth centuries", Roussard editions 1999.
"Ramnicu-Valcea, small encyclopaedia", Anton Pann editions 2002.
"Romnian Personalities and their achievements", 1950-2000. "Anglodac editions 2004, Romania"
Private collections in France, Switzerland , the USA, Israel ,Lebanon , Japan, the Philippines China, Russia, Romania,etc.