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Original Art
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Liz Hurley
Padma A.v. Muhlendahl
80 in x 60 in
Price: On Request
Hugb Grant
Padma A.v. Muhlendahl
80 in x 60 in
Price: On Request
Seelenfluge II
Padma A.v. Muhlendahl
120 in x 80 in
Price: On Request
Micbelangelo I
Padma A.v. Muhlendahl
27 in x 19 in
Price: On Request
Micbelangelo II
Padma A.v. Muhlendahl
27 in x 19 in
Price: On Request
Millennium I
Padma A.v. Muhlendahl
60 in x 50 in
Price: On Request
Artist Bio
Artist:  Padma A.v. Muhlendahl
Biography:  1962-1964 Apprenticeship in jewellery design
1964-1965 Exchange student in Greenville,Michigan (USA)
1966 (school-leaving certificate giving right of entry to university)
1966-1967 Braunschweig Art Academy
1967-1969 University of Freiburg (German and English)
1969-1971 University of Munich (German and English)
1971 State examination in German and Engkish
1971-1973 Teacher (German and English); Journalist for the Munich newspaper Abendzeitung, the magazine; Scboner Wobnen and Bayriscber Rundfunk
1973-1977 Munich Academy of Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy; specialises in psychoanalysis and paychotherapy for children and adolescents 1973: opens private practice in Munich
1977 Qualifying examination as psychoanalyst and psychotherapist for children and adolescents
1984-1994 Organises several exhibition for Cologne artists
1984-1988 Studies and trains in Reiki; 1988:qualifies as Reiki master; 1985-1994: holds Reili courses and seminars for over 1.800 participants
1995 Opens the Altea Reiki Center
1995-1996 On 1 Jannuary 1996, in response to an inspiration on New Year's Eve, creates five pictures; Purification, Courage, Honesty, Responsibility and Reiki
1999 Padma von Muhlendahl comutes between Spain, Germany and USA and paints wherever she can.

May 1996 , exhibition room, University of Alicante, Spain
July 1996 , Benissa, Spain
August 1996-Agusust 1998 Sophie Graham Gallery, Lon; Lafayette Street, New York, USA
September 1996 Office of Andreas Freitag, Hamburg, Germany
October 1996 Harmsen & Utescher, Hamburg, Germany
March 1997 Edda Biermann art gallery, Berlin, Germany
April 1997 SBK & G,Budaoest, Hungary
May 1997 Edda Biermann art gallery, Berlin, Germany
June 1997 , Vaduz, Liechtenstein
September 1997 , Bismarkckstrasse 50, Cologne, Germany
Novemner 1997 Pavis, Alicante, Spain
February 1998 Offentliche Versicherung (public-sector in surance agency), Braunschweig, Germany
March 1998 Sun Bank, Naples, Florida, USA
June 1998 BWS-Bappert, Witz & Selbherr, Freigurg, Germany
June 1998 , Calpe, Spain
September 1998 , Frankfurt/Eschborn, Germany
Octorber 1998 French Consulate, Alicante, Spain
November 1998 - May 1999 Havichhorst Estate, Munster, Germany
December 1998 , Calpe, Spain
May 1999 European Patent Office, Munich
Since 1996, a selection of Padma von Muhlendahl's work has been on permanent exhibition at Marks & CLARK (London) in Alicante, Spain, and at the gallery in Callosa.
June 1999 Cologne
September 1999-March 2000 Altea, dentist office
November 1999-May 2000 Los Zapatos, Calp
August 1999-February 2000 Paris, Pagenberg Bardehle Boulevard Males Herbes
December 1999 Braunschweig, Praxis, Sybille Hoffmann
September-March 2000 Gerhard Braun Gruppe show rooms in Stuttgart, Cologne, Berlin,Mailand, Vienna.

Statement:  I am grateful for having still new ideas and for the fact that people worldside are touched by my work. Most feel touched in their soul if they agree to let themselves sink into a picture. This makes me proud and humble at the same time because I say; I am only the channel for the picture that wants to be painted. I paint with REIKI, the universal healing energy and this is what I attribute the successto. Formerly I had a psychotherapeutic pratice, today I hang the therapy on the walls. This seems to be perceived by the observer besides the choice of color and the composition.