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Original Art
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Jorge Nieto
25.61 x 25.61 cm
Price: On Request
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Jorge Nieto
23.64 x 24.82 cm
Price: On Request
Jorge Nieto
35.46 X 43.34 cm
Price: On Request
Jorge Nieto
23.64 x 43.34 cm
Price: On Request
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Jorge Nieto
59.1 x 19.7 cm
Price: On Request
Artist Bio
Artist:  Jorge Nieto

2002 Nihilst Assault Group; Oslo, Norway.

2010 "Macworld Expo" San Francisco, California, USA.

2010 Unstage Magazine, New York

2010 Top Magazine, Dominican Republic

2010 Creative People, Panama

2010, United Kingdom

2010 Gayeye, Berlin


2010 "Delicacies" Spanior Cultural Center, Dominican Republic COLECTIVE SHOWS

2004 "Chocopop"

2004 "Los Efectos de la Globalizacion en el Arte Contemporaneo" NY, Estados Unidos & Rep. Dom. Latin American Round Table

2007 "Arte Urbano Sarmiento" Santo Domingo, Rep. Dom.

2008 "The Rising" Dot Gallery, New York

2010 "F*" Valencia, Spain

2010 Macworld Expo, San Francisco California

2010 Represented Artist of Galerie Myra, France

Statement:  Jorge Nieto's collages of colorful memes evoke the visual equivalent of rave music: fast, shocking, and meant to involve our bodies in their transcendent and incessant sensuality, they waver between cliche and a Jodorowsky-flavored aspect of the fractally psychedelic. Nieto weaves consumerism with mentalism . The accumulative, consistent nature of Nieto's collages suggests the repetition of forms strewn together in orgiastic poses implies the state of the work of art in an age of mechanical reproduction run amok.