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Original Art
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Qiu DeShu
400 X 220 cm
Price: On Request
Qiu DeShu
180 X 60.5 cm
Price: On Request
Qiu DeShu
137 X 69.5 cm
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Qiu DeShu
48.2 X 90.5 cm
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Qiu DeShu
181 X 96.5 cm
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Qiu DeShu
240 X 135.5 cm
Price: On Request
Artist Bio
Artist:  Qiu DeShu
Biography:  1948 Born in shanghai, China

1985-1986 Qiu was invited to be residence artist Tufts University Four individual exhibitions were held successfully in United States He finished a monumental mural in the new building of Campus Center

1988 Lectured at the John Kong Fairbank Center of the Harvard University, USA

2006 As a World -famous artist, Qiu was invited to "International Contemporary Chinese Water-Ink Exhibition " at Asian Cultural Center Gallery This Exhibition was held by Crystal Foundation Qiu joined "Shanghai Art Clssroom" project as volunteer artist

Individual Exhibitions

1985 Fissuring, The Art Gallery of Tufts Unibersity, USA Fissuring, The Campus of Harbard Universty, USA

1986 Fissuring, Chinese Culture Institute, Boston, USA

1996 "Fissuring-Genesis-Sublimation", Plum Blossoms Gallery, Hong Kong and Singapore.

2000 Exhibition at Asian Art Museum, Seoul, South Korea

1982 "Painting the Chinese Dream" Exhibition, Smith College Art Museum, Massachusetts, Boston City Hall Art Gallery, Boston, Brooklyn Museum, New York, USA

1984 Qiu Deshu and Kong Boji Exhibition , Princeton University Art Museum

1996 "Shanghai Ink" Exhibition, Art Museum of Arizona Unibersity, Joseph Gross Gallery of Arizona University Contemporary Chinese Painting and Sculpture, GOEDHUIS CONTEMPIRARY, london, UK TAIPEI ART FAIR1996 OMTERMATOPMA

1998-1999 The 3rd International Exhibition of TSAL-MO Art, The Touring Exhibition in Taiwan, Pairs, Shen Zhen and EI Salvador "Fantasy

2000-Chinese Contemporary Chinese Painting and Sculpture", Organized by an art History Professor Dr'Ursula Toyka Fuong from Bonn University, Lubeck, Stuttgart and Dortmund, Germany

2001 China Without Borders, Goedhuis Contemporary at Sotheby's, New York Metaphysics

2001, Shanghai Abstract Art Exhibition, Shanghai Art Musemu Xi'an International Ink Invitational Exhibition

2006 International Contemporary Water-Ink Exhibition, Manhattan Asian Art Center Gallery, Union Cultural Foundation, USA