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Original Art
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Big Cities, Small Emotions
Wang JiaYi
40 x 41.4 cm
Price: On Request
Wang JiaYi
29.5 x 21 cm
Price: On Request
Wang JiaYi
36 x 34 cm
Price: On Request
Wang JiaYi
30.2 x 23 cm
Price: On Request
Wang JiaYi
30 x 34.2 cm
Price: On Request
My city - Lovers
Wang JiaYi
20 x 22 cm
Price: On Request
Artist Bio
Artist:  Wang JiaYi
Printmaking, Fine Arts College of Shanghai University
Exhibition Experience

Selected by 2013 Fourth China / Guanlan International Print Biennial,Shenzhen

2012 Selected by 2012 Shanghai Engravings, Shanghai
  Participate in the "Shanghai 80" Printmaking Exhibition, Shanghai
  "Old house" won the Award of Excellence Higher Education System in the "five-moment - pen painting colorful Shanghai" - Shanghai educational system of painting, photography competition, Shanghai
  Selected works of "Shanghai Exhibition annual selection of prints", and Shanghai Library Manuscript Museum Collection Chinese cultural celebrities and incorporated into the "2012 Shanghai Printmaking"
2011 Selected by 2011 The Shanghai Youth Art Exhibition and collected by “Liu Hai Su” Art Museum, Shanghai

Participate in Shanghai University of Fine Arts, Osaka University of Arts -The 23th Chinese-Japan Art Exchange Exhibition