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Wei YiFeng
27 in x 27 in
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Wei YiFeng
26.75 in x 26.75 in
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Wei YiFeng
32 in x 40 in
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Wei YiFeng
35 in x 38 in
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Wei YiFeng
20 in x 27 in
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Wei YiFeng
14 in x 14 in
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Artist Bio
Artist:  Wei YiFeng
Biography:  Born in China, Wei Yi-Feng has lived in Brazil, North America, Europe and Japan. Growing up with the influence of both the East and West, Wei Yi-Feng's art is a fusion of cultures. Her love of nature also leads her to travel to many different places in the world. She is especially touched spiritually by the majestic and magical mountain ranges both in the Himalayas and the Alps.
Wei Yi-Feng received her formal training at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing where she concentrated on 'shui mo' (ink) painting and calligraphy. She has studied with various famous artists in China, Taiwan, Kyoto and New York such as Wang Yong, Zhao Ning-An, Jia You-Fu, Hu Nien-Tsu, Au Ho-Nien and Li Chi-Mao. Wei Yi-Feng has been invited to exhibit her work in China, Hong Kong, Japan and the United States. She has also won several awards for her work. Two of her calligraphy pieces were selected to be engraved in stone as part of the permanent exhibition collections in China. One of them is standing at the 'Forest of Engraving Stone Park' in the region of the Yellow River where thousands of well-known calligraphers and poets of ancient China also have their work immortalized. The other one is standing among the works of contemporary calligraphers at the 'Engraving Stone Forest of Superlative Ink Works' in the area near the Sung Tombs in Zhengzhou. A number of her paintings have also been published in China and are held in both private as well as corporate collections.
Wei Yi-Feng divides her time between Beijing and Hong Kong and is a member of the Hong Kong Union of Visual Artists Limited.

Wei Yi-Feng Selected Exhibitions and Awards
2008 'Art Networking Special Invitational Exhibition & KIC-Art Networking Center Grand Opening' (Shanghai)
2006 'Exchange and Share - School arts mmersion'(Hong Kong)
2005 Henderson Art Reach Auction (Hong Kong)
2001 '7th Annual Artists Abroad Exhibition'(Hong Kong)
Gallery Opus(Hong Kong)
1990 Solo exhibition at the American Club(Hong Kong)
1989 'The 1st International Youth Calligraphy Exhibition'(Beijing, China)
Her work was selected to be engraved in stone as part of the permanent exhibition at the 'Engraving Stone Forest of the Superlative Ink Works'(Zhengzhou, China)
1988 'Chinese National Dragon Year Ying River Calligraphy Competition' Second Prize Winner(Henan, China)
'The Yellow River Competition'; ‘Forest of Engraving Stone Award’recipient(Henan, China)
'The Third Emei Cup Competition'; ‘Excellent Work Award’ recipient(Sichuan, China)
'Yen Ling International Calligraphy Competition';'Bronze Award' winner(Henan, China)
'Joint Exhibition of Works by Hong Kong Artist'(Hong Kong)
1987 'Three Dimensions of Modern Chinese Art'(Hong Kong)
'Joint Exhibition of Works by Hong Kong Artists'(Hubei and Fujian, China)
'Modern International Calligraphy Exhibition'(Kaifeng, China)
Work from this exhibition was published in 'The Best Selection of 1987 Modern International Calligraphy Exhibition' and has become part of the Kaifeng Museum Collection
1986 'Second National Exhibition of the Works of Yong Calligraphers and Seal Carving Artists'(Beijing, China)
Work from this exhibition has become part of the museum collection
'China Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition'(Wuxi, China)
1985 'China Henan International Calligraphy Exhibition'(Zhengzhou, China)
Work from this exhibition was published in ‘The Best Selection of 1985 China Henan International Calligraphy Exhibition’

Education in arts

1983-86 Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, China, concentrating on Chinese 'shui mo' (ink) painting, calligraphy and seal carving
1993-94 Further studies at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, concentrating on calligraphy
1975-76 Studied under the pupilage of well-known master artists Au Ho-Nien and Li Chi-Mao.
1974 Studied under the pupilage of master artist Hu Nien-Tsu

Statement:  Nature's Musings For the artist Wei Yi-Feng, painting is both a meditation and an artistic expression. She draws inspiration from the contemplation of nature's embrace and her art reflects this in the media of colour and ink on either traditional rice paper or on canvas. Her paintings can be seen not only as personal expressions, but as thought pieces on connecting points to nature for those who view them.
Wei Yi-Feng's latest collection of works explores the cyclicality and interconnectivity of the elements of nature. Nature is at once both subject and observer and the viewer is drawn to reflect not only on the comings and goings within nature, but of our own place in the natural world. Just as seasons come and pass, so must we traverse through different phases in our own lifetimes. Wei Yi-Feng's use of varied and contemporary styles in this collection, bring the viewer along an uneven path of nature and life – a path filled with challenges and emotions that reveal disintegration and regeneration, defiance and peace, death and rebirth.