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Original Art
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Wu JiangTao
100 x 100 cm
Price: On Request
Wu JiangTao
100 x 70 cm
Price: On Request
Wu JiangTao
150 x 120 cm
Price: On Request
Artist Bio
Artist:  Wu JiangTao
Biography:  Born in 1983, Wu Jiang Tao graduated from the Sichuan Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts in Chengdu . Exhibitions 2004: "The Second Farmer Street Contemporary Art Exhibition" 2005: "Crack the Rose Art" Exhibition 2006: "Wild World Fighting Pedal Art" shown at the "Third Farmers Street Contemporary Art Exhibition", "Chengdu Epigenetic Arts Exhibition" in Macao , and "The First New Incentives Contemporary Art Biennial Exhibition" in the Shanghai Art Museum . 2007: Planktonic New Wave Art Exhibition in Shanghai , Farmers Street Contemporary Art Exhibition, K Gallery Exhibition 2008: "Parallel Lines" Show in the Haifee Seed Gallery, "2007 Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition" in the Beijing Hua Song Museum of Art, "North Village Arts District, the Opening Exhibition" in the North Village Art District in Chengdu, "Sentimental Imaginations 2008" Art Exhibition at the Beijing Today Art Gallery, "Southwest Power" Touring Exhibition of Shanghai, "Y First Show of Art - Allergic" in the North Village Art District in Chengdu
Statement:  Hands grasp the flower of youth all the time, but this time the love for all Seasons of the flowers distributed the dream for youth. Focus. Condensed confusion. Beautiful. Pain ointed to the atmosphere ~ ~ This is what the works of Wu Jiangtao brings to all of us. Her work is meant to penetrate the nerves and life; to draw on the myth of her life and her experience to create the work she presents.