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Wu YanYi
95 x 95 cm
Price: On Request
Artist Bio
Artist:  Wu YanYi
Biography:  11986-1990: Graduated from the Institute of Chinese Culture University, Department of Fine Arts, with a degree in Western painting 1992-1994: In the Louvre copying paintings in Paris 1994-1996: Graduated from the Versailles Art Institute in Paris with a degree in plastic arts 1996-1997: Art Institute of Versailles in Paris after graduating Solo Exhibition 1996: Versailles- "Indoor Series" 1998: Ming Gallery, Taipei 1998 Solo Exhibition - "Indoor Series" 2002: Art Center , Tainan Vatican exhibition - "Butterflies and More" 2005: Three of Chiayi Railway Art Salon Art Exhibition - "Private Foot • Closeted" 2007 :ITRI, Hsinchu, Exhibition of Human Space Station Cham - "Light branded - Wu Yan Instrument Exhibition" / Taipei National Cultural Association - "Virtual • Calmly" / Taipei American School F4 Gallery - "Virtual • Calmly" 2008: Taipei County Government - County Banqiao Gallery - "Virtual • Calmly" / Taipei Cloud Art Center - "Wu Yan NG Art Exhibition"