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Original Art
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180 x 150 cm
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120 x 80 cm
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162 x 130 cm
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Artist Bio
Biography:  In 1985, Xun Gui Pin was born in Malong in Yunnan Province , China . From September 2009 until present, he has been studying at the Yunnan University of Art and Design Painting Studio II. 2009: “Sky Dream” - Exhibition of Young Artists at the Hangzhou Peace International Exhibition Center in Yunan Province / Depth of Yunnan University Art Museum 2008: “2008 Works" Exhibition at the Health Aims Kunming Loft Gallery / "Gui Xun Su Bin Painting Exhibition" at the Museum of Yunnan University 2007: "2007 Works" at the Kunming Loft Gallery / " Kunming in progress" at the Chongqing Art Space Contemporary Art Center
Statement:  One can only push oneself into desperation or madness. In this situation, the power of man is most vulnerable. In that year, I put up barriers. I felt hopeless and helpless in all of this behind me for my incompetence is a terrible and indefinite extension of life; with no purpose, no one can be close to the shore. This is only because of my inability to live; painting gave me courage and confidence. I explore and confirm the idea behind the existence of the world, in my opinion, existence is a choice because I hide the visual appearance, the broken, the sun emerged in the cohesion of the most spectacular reality. For now my frame (the world), I try to control, but I find any control is futile, what I do is just touch up this chaotic world.