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September 1 – September 30, 2008
Love without Boundary — Xu Mengjia Painting, Calligraphy, Seal and Tea Pot Cutting Exhibition
The achievement on art depends on the joint effort of the explorer’s ability, knowledge, gift, willpower, experience, oral quality, sentiment, tolerance, and savvy.

It is a lonely, suffering, rough and endless way to reach some achievement. Here we wish Xu Mengjia will obtain great achievements on the way of developing Chinese art of painting, calligraphy, and seal cutting and the cross-straits cultural and artistic exchanges.

March 4 — April 16, 2009
Blur reality——Yesheng Qin theater painting
Yesheng Qin painting rooted in the ancient oriental art of ingenious techniques borrowed from modern painting performance, in terms of religion and opera themes, trying to create a new style.

August 20—— September 26,2004
Shikumen & European Charm——Lu Zhiwen's New Colored-Ink Painting Exhibition
This exhibition is an integration of the Eastern and Western cultures, is an explanation of the European way of life from the cultural aspect by a middle-aged painter with the aesthetic perception of an Orient by resorting to the language of the color-ink painting. And the exhibition is also a painter's visual analysis of one of the landmark buildings of Shanghai---"Shikumen" by dint of the Western approach of art.

December 5, 2007 – January 29, 2008
Still Waters Run Deep/to Lead a Quiet Life——Yang NiRong’s Painting Exhibition
Her works such as “The First Glimmering of Light” “Spring Warms the Earth Up” giving inviting views of elegant water and graceful mountains, exposed and plain cottages, emitting an aura of pursuing beauty.

October 10, 2007—December 5, 2007
Surprising Color from Chile——Julieta Santa María Painting Exhibition
The exhibition “Surprising Color from Chile” by the Chilean artist Julieta Santa María, represents her latest style. Julieta Santa María´s paintings are full of color, which is the main element of her work of art. The power and beauty of these colors brings live to the lifeless elements, transferring a strong sense of energy to the spectators.