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Urban Impressions: Dark to Light - Printmaking Artists Group Exhibition

These artists bring new perspectives to the imprinting art form of engraving. Their reflections on and attachments to the urban environment is portrayed in this exciting work. They convey how the city belongs to them and shapes them, just as they shape it. The work gives a personal yet universal perspective, as in each city every day every ordinary person lives a life that leaves behind their own imprint just as every city, in turn, imprints its own unique impressions on us.

Lu Xiaofeng's urban landscapes regularly employs the color of dark gray. He makes use of wrapping paper, waste film, old cardboard boxes, etc., to form the content of his engraving, showing a geometric city expended under industrialization. His work is rational, advanced, civilized, powerful, indifferent, heavily polluted and injured; accordingly, this extends to the mood of people living in such cities - gray and with lack of sunshine.

Fang Xiaolong's work, in contrast, is fresh and brisk in its deep reflection on the urban phenomenon. The selected topics include an airing series, electricity wire series, and environment-protection series, such as Helpless River. Here the artist employs an approach showing his attention and expectation for urban ecology to portray the malposed, dull river, which flows helplessly through its urban course.

Wang Jiayi mixes people's mood together with urban background in his work. Hyperbolic characters and use of emotional color, coupled with the skillful use of paper-cuts in his engraving, shows intense dramatic effects. The visual impact of his work is not unlike listening to POP music. He expounds on his own mood in a storytelling mode and touching the audience by surprise.

In this exhibition of the rough art of engraving, delicate feelings are contained, allowing audiences to follow the artists to experience the imprinting and impressions of different cities and marveling at the beauty of imprinting.

Times:August 31 - October 15, 2013
Destination: Homeless Gallery
Address: 201 Daxue Road, Shanghai

Lu Xiaofeng
1995 Graduated from Jiangxi Normal University Institute of Fine Arts

Graduated from East China Normal University Institute of Fine Arts

2006 Shanghai Academy of Art University Seminar


2012 Annual Printmaking Exhibition Shanghai, Shanghai Library
2011 Work "Horizon Fall" was selected by the sixth Shanghai Art Exhibition, Shanghai Art Museum
  Work "City NO.2" participate in the Fourth National Youth Art Exhibition, Art Museum of China
2010 Work "City NO.2" participate in 18th National Print Exhibition, Zhejiang Art Museum
  Peninsular Print files, Hongqiao Contemporary Art Museum
  Horizon -Painting and Sculpture Exhibition, Shanghai Oil Painting & Sculpture Institute Museum
2009 Works "Mark NO.52" attend the Eleventh National Art Exhibition, Jiangsu Art Museum
  Works "Mark NO.64" participate in the Shanghai Youth Art Exhibition, Liu Hai Su Art Museum
  Works "Mark NO.62" participate in the Ninth Shanghai Print Exhibition, Mingyuan Art Center
  Works "Mark NO.52" attend the Fifth Shanghai Art Exhibition, Shanghai Art Museum
  Frankly ---- Shanghai Contemporary Printmaking Exhibition, Peninsula Art Museum
  Annual Printmaking Exhibition Shanghai, Shanghai Library
2008 Horizon Painting and Sculpture Exhibition, Liu Hai Su Art Museum
2007 Printmaking New force----- Yangtze River Delta youth printmaker Nomination Exhibition, M50
  Shanghai Outstanding Young Printmakers Exhibition, Xuhui Art Museum
  Works "Mark NO.54" attend 18th National Print Exhibition, Shanghai Art Museum
2006 Works "Mark NO.44" participate in the Eighth Shanghai Print Exhibition, Lu Xun Memorial Hall
2005 "Grain in Ear" Shanghai Youth Printmaking Exhibition, Peninsula Art Museum
  Works "Mark NO.1 NO.2 NO.3" attend the 17th National Print Exhibition, Guiyang Art Museum

"Jiangzhehu" Printmaking, Jiangsu Art Museum

2004 Shanghai Youth Printmaking Exhibition, Peninsula Art Museum

Fang Xiaolong

Graduated from Printmaking, Painting Department,Fine Arts College, Shanghai Normal University

2012 Exhibited in 2012 the SURGE Art Festival of· Shanghai South Bank Art Center , Shanghai
  Exhibited in 2012 China Beijing 798 Art Zone "space-time affordable Art Festival", Beijing
  Exhibited in 2012 Poly World Trade Center, Guangzhou
  Exhibited in 2012 Shanghai Pudong art Guidance Center, Shanghai
  Exhibited in 2012 Shanghai invisible gallery, Shanghai

Exhibited in 2011 Shanghai Mingyuan Art Center, Shanghai

  Exhibited in 2011 Israeli Art Sea Gallery, Shanghai
Wang Jiayi

Printmaking, Fine Arts College of Shanghai University

2013 Selected by 2013 Fourth China / Guanlan International Print Biennial, Shenzhen
2012 Selected by 2012 Shanghai Engravings, Shanghai
  Participate in the "Shanghai 80" Printmaking Exhibition, Shanghai
  "Old house" won the Award of Excellence Higher Education System in the "five-moment - pen painting colorful Shanghai" - Shanghai educational system of painting, photography competition, Shanghai
  Selected works of "Shanghai Exhibition annual selection of prints", and Shanghai Library Manuscript Museum Collection Chinese cultural celebrities and incorporated into the "2012 Shanghai Printmaking"
2011 Selected by 2011 The Shanghai Youth Art Exhibition and collected by "Liu Hai Su" Art Museum, Shanghai
  Participate in Shanghai University of Fine Arts, Osaka University of Arts -The 23th Chinese-Japan Art Exchange Exhibition