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Sun, Time, Shadow – Wang YuYuan Solo Exhibition

In these works, as in one's life, there will be not only happiness but sadness and not only sunshine but shadow. If you have experienced all of this, your life can be a mature and complete one. As time goes on, much experience will be forgotten, but feelings will be remembered when you have a similar experience. This exhibition of "Sunshine, Time, Shadow" hopes the charm and beauty of the work will precipitate those feelings.

Viewing the artist Wang's work, there is a subtle outflow of emotion. Wang Yuyuan prefers to seek inspiration from his ordinary life. The themes of his painting contain the landscape of south China, where he born, and the beauty of Xinjiang, where he lived for twenty years and where there are so many birch trees.

The technique of his work is to select some special parts of ordinary landscapes and to employ the brushes with strong emotions in a pure and high-flown color, to conduct the viewers into the scene he depicts.? His desire is then to make the viewer feel his deep attachment to the past that is which behind his work. Especially we see this in his work "Beauty of the Ancient Wu Landscape" which is full of his highly personal characteristics, making you feel that you can walk through the past and present of time and space. Standing in front of the work, those past warm and simple memories are recollected while viewing these pictures.

Times:October 19 - December 5, 2013
Destination: Homeless Gallery
Address: 201 Daxue Road, Shanghai

1943 Born in Suzhou
1962 Graduated from the College of Arts and Crafts in Suzhou
Suzhou Academy of Fine Arts Associate Professor
China Artists Association
Chinese Society of Watercolor Painters
TV interview by the shanghai TV station: "Wang Yu Yuan Watercolor Painters"
Watercolors watercolor painting exhibition has participated and won awards at home and abroad:
"Old Miss Charm" series
Third Prize in the National Watercolor Pastel Exhibition Award of Excellence
Oriental Art Museum of France's "The Second China Famous painter Art" Silver
Incorporated into the "Complete Works of Chinese modern art · Watercolor paper" "Catalogue of Chinese Watercolor Painting" "History of Chinese Watercolor Painting" "China Century Watercolor Set"
"Kitchen corner"
Watercolor painting of the "Jiangsu Province, Li Jian Chen Watercolor Biennial" Silver
Watercolors took part in the first, second, third, fifth and winning the National Watercolor Exhibition
"Fine collection of Chinese contemporary artists, Wang Yu Yuan watercolor collection"
Work collected by people from the United States, France, Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries