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In the World——AN Artists Group Exhibition

Human life exists in this world with every life having many unique things memorable and cherished. The world begins at Spring and ends at Winter, and similarly a human life begins and until we become old and white-haired, time flies. Now fast paced, life often makes people's hearts with dust, ignoring those moving moments in life, missing those thousands of views of scenery.

Fortunately, in the world we have art, and there is a group of the owner of the most sensitive and passionate artists. They looked like the scenery, but it is not as beautiful as observed among brewing, so they then use art to portray and talk slowly to tell those stories in the world.

The exhibition of the works on display are the artists records about things which are honest, ordinary, real and full of vitality of the world.

We will present these small and moving works in order of "the vitality of Spring", "Summer’s vivid", "Autumn's charming," "Winter’s quiet" to make the viewers quietly feel the artists’ concept.   

Wheel of Life, never fails in the world.

Times:Dec 7, 2013 - Jan 22, 2014
Destination: Homeless Gallery
Address: 201 Daxue Road, Shanghai