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Unveiling of Sculpture “The Battle of Harmony”

Through the efforts of ArtNetworking, the sculpture "The Battle for Harmony" for famous film star Jackie Chan was commissioned by our famous American artists Omri Amrany and Julie Rotblatt Amrany is going to be unveiled at Jackie Chan Film Gallery onNovember 8, 2013. Mr. Jackie Chan and our artists will be there for the unveiling ceremony, and they will tell us some interesting stories about the concept and whole sculpturing process.

This sculpture is a metaphor for how we all struggle as human beings to find balance and harmony in our daily lives. It can be a constant battle to achieve this in our world of strife, hunger, disease and violence. Jackie Chan is a master martial artist, comedian and actor. Not only has he achieved worldwide acclaim in his career, he is also a great philanthropist. This is what artists found in Jackie Chan as a Sifu in martial arts. He took the personalized subject matter to another level through dramatic comedy; bridging cultures worldwide through his movies. Jackie is fascinating to watch. He is a wonderful subject to sculpt for his facial expressions are unending and limitless and his body has the exploding energy which can yield sculptures so exciting.

When Julie designed the idea, she created a personal conflict that shows Jackie facing a Dragon, comprised of a myriad of Kung Fu hand positions. These are all derived from animals in nature. Animals such as the tiger, leopard, snake, eagle, white crane and dragon are most commonly referred to in the different styles of kung fu. Also Jackie himself as a comedian can from one moment to the next display as many facial expressions as there are kung fu hand positions. He is a master at transforming his body from moments of rage to comical antics to calm repose.

Like the story of Jackie Chan, we hope to create a cultural integration worldwide with projects in China and elsewhere in the future.