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Original Art
Artist: Zhuang XiaoWei
Title: Visual Series I
Category: Glass
Material: Glass
Size: 3 in x 10 in x 7 in
Price: On Request

I aim to blend the seen and the unsee, and put ferocious logic together with a passion to go every which way, as if in a dream which is also an abstract of familiar. There is no such thing as a meaningful work of art that is unrelated to its time and here each glass piece relates to the particular element of its inception. At the same time there is an immense need for a sense of progression: something as different as anything could be form the wayward, empirical, multiple-minded, side-stepping procedure of I. In this way the energy of the work is released, freed for maximum use. I think that some experience, some thing not on the surface, but as deeply embedded in the material as in the artist himself, is the sentiment behind much of this creative endeavour.

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